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Dental and Cosmetic Surgery – Everything You Need to Know

Oral surgery or maxillofacial surgery is one of the nine dentistry speciality areas. It is everything about treating your oral diseases, defects or injuries and also aesthetic aspects of your mouth, face and teeth. The whole process can make you really tense and nervous. Once your doctor suggests oral surgery, you need to be prepared mentally.

Ask every query you have about the process to your doctor so that it becomes easy for you to go through the treatment. After the surgery, you need proper care and medical attention to recover fast. It is important that you go to a reputed and reliable doctor for a good surgery.

Some Facts from Your Dentist

Here are some common facts about dental health and surgery that your dentist must want you to know:

•    The most feared thing about dental surgery is the X-Ray process. Many people fear that it might cause cancer, but it is not the case. You are completely safe and never miss this process as it is very important to identify the problem you are facing.

•    It is essential to have a regular check-up. If you are having any kind of oral problems like bad breath or gum bleeding visit your dentist without any delay.

•    When you choose to go for the cosmetic surgery, keep your demands practical. Don’t select a celebrity’s picture and wish to have teeth like them as it might not fit your face.
•    You must be aware of tooth decay due to baby bottle and if you are still letting your child sleep with a bottle in their mouth, it can cause some serious damage.

•    Xylitol is a good option to avoid bad bacteria of the mouth. If you take about six to seven pieces per day, it helps to keep the cavities away.

•    It recommended that you don’t go for tongue piercing. It can be highly risky and cause severe infections when not done in a sterile environment.

•    When you have an appointment with your dentist make sure that you don’t eat heavy garlic lunch as it becomes quite irritating for the dentists to tolerate the bad breath.

•    Gum bleeding is a sign of something severe in your mouth. You just can’t ignore this and should visit the doctor as soon as possible.

Oral Surgery and Conditions Treated

There are many diseases and complications solved under oral surgeries. An oral or cosmetic surgeon is skilled in:

•    Removing of impacted and diseased teeth and also administering anaesthesia that can be either general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation.

•    You also get dental implants under oral and cosmetic surgeries. With the collaboration of your dentist and a good cosmetic surgeon you can get placement of tooth implants.

•    Treatment of facial trauma is also done under oral surgery that includes repairing of facial skin lacerations connect severed nerves and treating facial injuries in cheek bones, jaws, eye sockets and forehead.

•    Your mouth tumours and face tumours are also treated by oral surgeons. Also, face, neck or head cancer is treated.

•    Jaw or skeletal irregularities are also treated by the cosmetic dental surgeons in order to improve your facial appearance and biting function. Congenital or birth defects of the skull or face like cleft palate or cleft lip are also treated.

•    Surgical treatment id is provided to people with OSA. If you have a sleep disorder, you can go under the overnight test through which your sleeping patterns are examined. Then the doctor will tell you whether you have mild or severe OSA. The surgical treatments for OSA are Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, Genioglossus advancement, Maxillomandibular advancement.

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Oral surgery: Preparation and Recovery


When you have to undergo an oral surgery, you have to be really calm and patient. There may be many questions hovering in your mind, but discuss them with your dentist prior to the surgery. Also recovering from an oral surgery is not that simple. There are many things to take care of after the surgery. Any mistake can cost you a lot in terms of money and health. Here are some points to stick to before and after the surgery:

•    You must be really worried if next day you have a surgery to go through. The night before surgery you must prepare yourself and make all the arrangements properly for transportation to the hospital or clinic. Talk to your doctor about what to eat the night prior to surgery and how much sleep you will need. In most cases, the doctors suggest to not drink or eat anything. In case you are diabetic, you can have a light breakfast and your medicines.

•    Now, it is also important to know what you have to eat after the surgery. After an oral surgery, you can have soft foods like yogurt or soups rich in Vitamin C and A. You must avoid eating any hard foods such as popcorn or biscuits for about six weeks at least.

•    You need to avoid any hot food after the surgery as you might be under the influence of anaesthesia and you might burn your mouth without realising.

•    If you are going through any kind of discomfort or swelling, it will take about 48 hours till you feel better. During this period you need to rest most of the time. If you take good care in these hours, you might recover very quickly. The longer phase of recovery depends on the surgery you had. If it is a wisdom tooth extraction or any other common surgery, you will take about two weeks to recover and get completely healed.

Some Fast Facts

•    The practice of oral surgery was first started during Civil War.

•    In the 19th century, the oral surgeons primarily worked on horses. In 20th century, they began to operate on animal’s teeth.

•    The complicated facial treatments and reconstruction can cost you thousands of bucks.

•    You can combine your health and dental insurance to get more benefits.

•    If you have gone through an accident and had multiple severe injuries on your face, you can get them treated by a good cosmetic and dental surgeon.

Dental surgery and cosmetic surgery have undergone much advancement with the growth in technology and medical fields. There is almost nothing that can’t be treated about your face and mouth under these surgeries. There are many good surgeons practicing cosmetic dentistry in Phuket whom you can contact. Remember, the best way to keep your dental health in good condition is through regular check-up and proper care!